What is a drone light show?

What is a Drone Light Show?

To put it simply, a drone light show will feature hundreds if not thousands of drones attached with LED lights, designed and pre-programmed to execute a choreographed flight plan. All of the drones will work together synchronously to form patterns, images or simply, beautiful light displays that will capture the hearts of the audience no matter the location.

But how do you control them?

If all of the hundreds of drones required manual flight, the cost of hiring hundreds of drone pilots would render the show practically useless. No one would be able to have a drone light show simply because of the cost.

Instead, when attempting to control an entire swarm of drones to produce an incredibly magnificent light show that tells a story, all you need is one or two pilots to help. The programming, artificial intelligence and 3D modelling that are all incorporated into the drone show software will allow for a smooth flight of all the drones.

Typically, drones are pre-programmed using relevant software such as drone show software which is known as the safest solution for drone flight path management which 9/10 of the biggest events use.

How Do Drone Shows Work?

Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as turning up with a fleet of drones with a random program you’ve downloaded off the internet and pressing go.
There are five steps that go into the careful planning of a drone show:
1. Enquiry & kick-off meeting
2. Scripting
3. Animation & design
4. Testing
5. Live show
To read in more detail how each of these steps is carried out, click here.

The New Firework Display

Recently, drones have been used as a green alternative to firework displays whereby noise and air pollution are heavily reduced, and the most significant contribution to the planet is their ability to be reused.
Whilst fireworks are prominent at nearly every event, their popularity has been decreasing for some time. They were initially used by the Chinese as a way to scare off demons, and psychologically, that fear factor still remains which gives off a dopamine reaction – a chemical associated with pleasure.
Fireworks are certainly beautiful and loud. But apart from that, what else do they bring to the table?
As more innovative technology is harnessed, choreographed drone light shows are emerging as the most likely successor of traditional fireworks.


It isn’t just their environmental factors that have caused a surge in high-value events utilising their performance, but the creative freedom in producing spectacles in the night sky.
One of the first uses of drones as a public spectacle was at the 2018 Winter Olympics. At the opening ceremony, they decided to do away with the noisy, smoky fireworks that typically help with the aesthetics of the night.
Instead, Intel had released 1,218 drones to fly simultaneously and paint colourful images in the sky, from an athlete on a snowboard, a bird of prey in flight, and most importantly, the five interlaced Olympic rings.

Product Activation

As we’ve seen throughout the world, drones are becoming ever more popular when it comes to events. Not only do they effectively help to tell a story, but they are much better for the environment, and allow for creative freedom.
Drone shows are very different from modern firework shows. It is more similar to entering a modernist museum that showcases the most up-to-date artwork from prominent artists.
In short, drone shows are an art. They inspire creativity and tell a story. As humans crave storytelling, there is nothing more captivating for your event than a drone light show.
But they’re not just an art form to replace fireworks.

DEG is paving the way for creative uses of drones in the light show industry.

QR Codes

The chances are you’ve heard of what a QR Code is. Especially, with the recent coronavirus pandemic, QR codes are an easy way to get information to customers’ phones without human contact.
Typically seen on restaurant menus, they’ve become more popular on billboards with brands using them to increase their engagement.
As with any brand, the higher the ‘wow factor’ the more chance of consumer engagement. DEG is integrating QR codes into drone light performance that allows viewers to scan with their mobile phones.
Businesses looking to increase or maintain their marketing strategies should seriously consider the future of drone QR codes. They can easily be linked to social media, company websites or even the purchase of new products, which effectively allows for a great return on investment.

Weddings & Events

Just like the 2018 Winter Olympics, DEG is paving the way for more mainstream product activation with the use of drones. As they are pre-programmed, performances can help to create almost an indefinite number of images.
You’ve seen in the movies, a plane flying in the sky with a sign attached to its back with big bold lettering saying, “Will You Marry Me”.
Why not go one step further with a drone light display, creating a picture of a ring in the background. A proposal at night, with a huge sparkling ring in the sky, is guaranteed to get you a yes!
Regardless of the event, DEG is here for you.  Whether it be weddings, birthdays, or parties these drones are the future. Save harming the environment with fireworks and hire a light display that can feature a story you want to be told.
Make your day extra special, with DEG Drone Light Shows.

* Image provided by destination NSW as part of the Elevate Sydney festival.

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