Melbourne summer nights drone light show

Nights Drone light show:

A moving light display made up of over 350 drones took to the skies over Melbourne’s Docklands, encompassing first nations artwork, Australian icons, spoken poetry, and a custom commissioned soundscape.

It marked the first time UK-based drone art company Celestial performed a drone display in Australia with the support of local company, the Institute for Drone Technology.

The Institute for Drone technology worked with CASA to “ensure safety risks were considered and mitigated”, before the show went ahead.

Chief remote pilot Jake Andrew said “it usually takes about three months to prepare and practice for the eight minute show, it takes a huge amount of work to ensure the display appears seamless on the night and all contingencies are carefully planned for and mitigated against,” he said.
“We use an animation system to choreograph the drones in the display and drone show software to ensure they don’t fly into each other, stay in formation throughout the display and land safely back on the ground.”

These types of Drone Light Show displays could soon surpass the world’s best firework for special events and New Years celebrations. Drones are cheaper, manoeuvrable, and “can be used again and again” Thanks for being with us.

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