This depends on the complexity and location of the show, however, entry level costs start at $30,000 depending on the number of drones used. Please be in touch for a specific quote.

You are limited only by your imagination.

Drone shows do have location limitations. The locations need to be approved by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) but rest assured we can assist with that component.

Whilst they make noise, they are not like fireworks. They can be synched to music.

Drone shows start at around 20 and can range up to over 1000 depending on the animation required.

How many can you dream of? We use super bright LED technology four times brighter than the standard, seen even through cloudy skies. We are even working towards day time shows.

They are safer than fireworks, and all the necessary checks and balances are carried out to avoid harm. There are three geofences to prevent drones from flying away. We have performed thousands of individual flights have never had a drone penetrate the geofences.


Shows are split into scenes, just like a movie. They typically run for 12-18 minutes in their entirety. However multiple shows can be delivered in one evening and across multiple weeks as we have done before.
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